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Harrison County, Indiana

Harrison County, Indiana

Major Towns/Cities

  • Corydon
  • Lanesville
  • Palmyra
  • Elizabeth

Strange Goings-On:

Here’s some of the interesting things about Harrison County I’ve learned so far:

Bigfoot: 1991, a creature broke into a cabin between Lanesville and Corydon on Corydon Ridge road.

UFOs: Huge UFO flap happened around Corydon, with many saucers seen all through 1987.

– 2009, Lanesville, two green chevron-shaped craft seen.

Ghost: Blue River, a headless ghost is looking for her head. Story says a fishing line was tied across the river, and victim was in a canoe paddling downstream really fast, and the fishing line cut her head off. Ghost still looking for her head.


Of course there’s always room for more. If you live in this county and have a wacky story to share I’d love to hear it! Send me a message using the form below. 

If it’s a good one — and if you’re happy to sign a release form — I might be happy to include it in my book!
(Got to keep the lawyers happy … you think Bigfoot gets angry? That’s nothin’ compared to legal rage …)

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