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Jefferson County, Indiana

Jefferson County, IN

Major Towns/Cities

  • Madison
  • Hanover 

Strange Goings-On:

Here’s some of the interesting things about Jefferson County Indiana I’ve learned so far:

Bigfoot: 1999, creature seen by hunter outside Jefferson Proving Ground.

UFO: Madison, December 2012, a Black Triangular UFO with 2 flashing lights sighted.

Ghost: Hanover, entity known as the “Preacher’s Ghost”, story is preacher was drowned while swimming into Ohio River to help victims of sinking riverboat. It usually appears around 2 am when really foggy.

– Hanover College: Parker auditorium is haunted by past president of the college, a Dr. AG Parker. Donner Residence Hall haunted by student who committed suicide in one of the rooms.

– Madison, an old river town full of ghosts: Jefferson County Library has a ghost named “Charlie” who rides the elevator and feels up young women. The town’s Ohio Theater has a haunted upper balcony by the ghost of a broken-hearted chorus girl who leaped to her death there. The old State Hospital used to house violently insane people in cages, they still haunt it.


Of course there’s always room for more. If you live in this county and have a wacky story to share I’d love to hear it! Send me a message using the form below. 

If it’s a good one — and if you’re happy to sign a release form — I might be happy to include it in my book!
(Got to keep the lawyers happy … you think Bigfoot gets angry? That’s nothin’ compared to legal rage …)

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