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Scott County, Indiana

Scott County, In

Major Towns/Cities

  • Scottsburg
  • Austin 

Strange Goings-On:

Here’s some of the interesting things about Scott County I’ve learned so far:

Bigfoot: 1992, creature screaming near Austin

UFO: 2003, Scottsburg sighting

Ghost: In Austin High School, the ghost of a dead Spanish Teacher roams the halls. She was killed due to a car wreck in the late 1980s on her way to school.

– In Scottsburg, the Bridgewater / Owens Cemetery is haunted by an entity called “Old Red Eyes.” It is often seen glowing at the back of the cemetery. A black form or object will often circle around cars, and handprints will appear on the windows. A white phantom horse sometimes chases gawkers away at night, and there is also the glowing tombstone of a man who awakens at night and guards the front gate.


Of course there’s always room for more. If you live in this county and have a wacky story to share I’d love to hear it! Send me a message using the form below. 

If it’s a good one — and if you’re happy to sign a release form — I might be happy to include it in my book!
(Got to keep the lawyers happy … you think Bigfoot gets angry? That’s nothin’ compared to legal rage …)

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